How to Stay Active in the Countryside? Drejc Kokošar July 22, 2022

How to Stay Active in the Countryside?

Author: Luana

We live in a time when virtual communication devices allow us to play sports in our living room – a fact that is also supported by health researchers. However, the best physical activity is the one that we do outside our home in nature, thus improving our well-being and health

Pandemics – a gateway to nature

Outdoor physical activity is a need that our body has always had, but perhaps only now are we intentionally aware of it, after a recent long period of COVID lockdowns and restrictions where the ability to move freely has been limited. Outdoor activity is essential for the well-being of each person since it brings various benefits, such as the improvement of our cardiovascular functions and the respiratory system, production and absorption of vitamin D, and psycho-physical well-being stemming from reducing our stress levels.                                                                                     

Why not take advantage of it and do sport outdoors in the countryside?

Which sport to choose?

There are many activities that can be practised in the open air: canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, bouldering, trekking and hiking, skiing and snowboarding, biking, running, or even simply a walk (and why not, at the same time, collecting the waste that we find in our path! ).

Discover inland areas, crossed by rivers, surrounded by forests and connected by trails, which are also suitable for an exploratory and observational experience of wild flora and fauna. Observing nature contributes to increasing the knowledge about the biodiversity of a certain region.

The lakes, on the other hand, offer the possibility of water sports such as stand-up paddling, wakeboarding and water skiing. Moreover, yoga and stretching can also be practised outdoors with excellent results. Sport does not stop even at the entrance of the villages in the hinterland. Some open spaces can easily be transformed into football pitches, and the narrow streets of the villages are excellent for getting around by longboard and bicycle.

Try orientation in the woods!

Nowadays there are more innovative sports although they have old roots like orienteering. Orienteering was born in Scandinavia; today, it is rapidly spreading around the world and almost touching the Olympic dream. Alongside becoming the next world champion, there is the possibility for everyone to try it for fun. There are, in fact, those who practice this discipline in the form of hiking, just for the pleasure of “navigating” through nature, with maps rich in details in their hands, that often bring new opportunities to see hidden places off the signed path. 

Sport – providing connection to nature

There is a wide range of sporting activities for all tastes in the hinterland.  Moreover, it can be a way to get closer to rural populations. Every outdoor activity has a key asset: contact with nature offers a person – of all ages – a meaningful way to experience it. In this way, they will keep a healthy lifestyle regardless of their situation and stage in life. It is also important not to forget: whatever activity you perform, be careful to proceed step by step according to your fitness level and always bring enough water with you!