Choose Magical Experience in the Countryside Drejc Kokošar November 18, 2022

Choose Magical Experience in the Countryside

European Countryside is an inspiring location for digital nomads. Rich culture, magical experiences and strong communities call for an adventure in one of the many coliving centres in rural areas. Select the best locations for your stay in our selection of good practices or find inspiring digital nomads, who lived in one of those places!

Within the project Nomadland, partners have already found many coliving centres in the pristine European countryside. By going through the Experience it! section of our page, you can find five coliving spaces in Europe. You can choose a coliving experience in Germany, Malta, Spain or Bulgaria. Each has its distinct charm and story, which will be interesting for anyone who wants to live as a digital nomad in the countryside. We will add more of them shortly!

Evolve Coliving is one of many coliving spaces which have developed in the European countryside.

The first magazine for digital nomads in the countryside

All five already prepared good practices will also be published in our magazine, which will find its first readers in February 2022. It will be the first European magazine dedicated to digital nomads living in the countryside.

Many people have asked us why the countryside. The answer is straightforward: we believe in creativity, stories and the magic of the countryside. It’s where we live, where we feel at home. We want to present locations where you can feel the true power of the countryside.

Digital nomads who returned to their roots

Are you interested in the stories by digital nomads, living in the countryside? Andreea from Romania said that living in the countryside connects you with your roots as a human. When we interviewed her, we felt their energy and love for the countryside! In the special section Stories, you can read an interview with her and other interesting digital nomads. In the future, we will also add exciting stories of the local people living in our home areas!

Andreea is a digital nomad, originally coming from Romania.

Cover photo: archive of La Cocotera Coliving.