Coconat Space – a Workation Retreat Drejc Kokošar November 18, 2022

Coconat Space – a Workation Retreat

COCONAT stands for community and concentrated work in nature. It’s located in the countryside just over an hour outside Berlin, Germany. As Julianne, the founder, says, the idea for Coconat was based on the realisation that the people in the city of Berlin really yearned for the countryside but weren’t willing to move permanently.
Beginning in 2012, the founding team created an idyllic place to work in the green. More than 10 years on, Coconat Coliving now offers much more than just good internet service, nice vegetarian food, and comfortable rooms. It became a part of growing international remote worker and digital nomad communities. They created networks for non-profits and contributed to numerous regional projects, like digital development projects funded by the national Smart City grant.
The original founding team also previously worked in environmental protection and sustainable tourism development. With the local communities in mind, the goal was always to develop an innovative tourism model, combining workation, coworking, coliving, and special projects focusing on rural development. Examples of these projects are COCO CABAÑAS, a tiny house community in nature, and COCOLAB, a maker space for rural hands-craftspeople.
Guests can choose from a large selection of accommodation options – from high-quality rooms in the historic building to the simple life of camping. It’s possible to work from just about anywhere on the premises, but there are also special coworking and maker spaces. There is always something to do or experience. Guests can hike or cycle in the local forests, join the international art trail or visit a treetop path with views of the historic sanatorium.

We set up a very inclusive structure that allows for people of all socio-economic backgrounds to be here. We host people of ages ranging from 20 to 60, and from all over the world.
Julianne founder


  • Impact-driven company
  • Developed an award-winning app for rural communities, which is being used in over 20 communities so far
  • Innovative projects like COCOLAB that give strength to rural hands-craftspeople and expand the range of workation and manual work
  • Longstanding working relationship with the regional tourism board


  • private funds
  • income from business activities
  • public grants
Photo: Tilman Vogler