Chateau Coliving – Where the Old Meets new Drejc Kokošar November 25, 2022

Chateau Coliving – Where the Old Meets new

Chateau Coliving & Coworking inhabits an authentic 12th-century castle in Normandy, France. Here the old meets a very modern way of life, with digital nomads creating a vibrant home for everyone to work and live in.

Chateau Coliving was founded by Katia and her partner Emmanuel. Although initially renovated as a bed and breakfast, the co-founders later changed it to a coliving space. In May 2021, the Chateau Coliving started its new chapter of life, now focusing on including all types of remote workers, individuals, families and even their pets.

The space in the castle provides the space and quietness which helps guests to concentrate on their projects. The main workspace is in a newly restored room with the functionality and comfort of a modern office. Despite that, the character and charm of the original castle are visible in every square inch of the space. There’s also a grand private park with many opportunities to enjoy it.

The Chateau Coliving & Coworking provides a solution for escaping busy city life and recharging in nature. It offers a sense of community and plenty of social life and fun activities to be enjoyed, from yoga classes and workouts to movie and game nights. There are French Crepes every sunday with local jam and yoghurt, which is one of the ways how to support local businesses.

Our goal is to break the clichés about nobility and nomadism alike. To preserve and share the fascinating history of this place, our passion for travel, and our love for animals and nature in a friendly atmosphere with wonderful people, without expectations, pretensions, or judgement.
Katia founder of Chateau coliving


  • Focus on the strong community
  • Supporting local business
  • A space where people from the local area connect with digital nomads
  • Hosting the event Coliving Founders Retreat 2022 for coliving spaces owners and managers


  • private funding