Sonta Coliving – a Retreat in Serbia Drejc Kokošar November 25, 2022

Sonta Coliving – a Retreat in Serbia

Sonta Coliving is a small developing property located in the Serbian countryside. The village of Sonta lies near the Danube River and is part of a larger area, rich in various cultures, peoples and nationalities. Nikola Dobrijević has been a part of the Centre for culture and education Sonta for years, constantly helping in the community. They are now expanding their work by launching the new coliving space.

The idea for a common space where people could live, socialize and work next to each other was in Nikola’s head ever since he was a kid. It’s how he imagined his own house to be one day and when he bought a riverfront house on the Danube at the start of the pandemic, he realised the potential of the idea again.

Despite being in the pilot phase Sonta Coliving is already bringing together digital nomads, remote workers, NGO activists, artists and others. The focus of their work remains on projects related to reconciliation, interculturalism and community development.

They expect to open at full capacity in May 2023 offering an alternative, a quiet place to work in nature, away from the city crowds. Nikola points out that if your job does not tie you to a location, the countryside can be a much better option than the city, with a cheaper cost of living, lack of competition for starting a new business and easier access to many local things. Besides all the standards of coliving and coworking spaces, Sonta Coliving also organises events and trips to the Danube River, activities with cooking, hanging out and business support. They are also engaged in agricultural activities, growing fruit in their own orchard, producing wine and brandy, and overall living a sustainable life.

We should offer digital nomads something else besides space. There are events and places to visit in the area, good local food, a community of people who enjoy similar things and many options for quality free time. All this is important for a good life.
Nikola Dobrijević founder


  • Engaged in local agricultural activities, supporting a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Projects related to reconciliation, interculturalism and community development.
  • Reducing the consequences of emigration.


  • expected income from the business activities
  • opened to public grants