Digital Nomads Madeira Islands – Work from the Ocean or the Mountains Drejc Kokošar December 2, 2022

Digital Nomads Madeira Islands – Work from the Ocean or the Mountains

Digital Nomads Madeira Islands is an initiative developed by the Regional Government of Madeira through Startup Madeira, and the expert digital nomad and consultant Gonçalo Hall. Created during COVID, it was an opportunity for the region to be the pioneer and make a difference in a fast-growing market niche.

According to Micaela Vieira, project manager at Startup Madeira, the aim was always to build bridges not only inside of the island but also internationally. The foundations for the current project, Startup Madeira, started 26 years ago, in 1997. Acts as a facilitating entity and contact point of the regional entrepreneur ecosystem, supporting the creation and development of entrepreneurial projects with innovating potential. Besides supporting local entrepreneurs and companies, over the last years, Startup Madeira has been working on the development of international projects in the areas of Blue Economy and Tourism, having inclusively developed a program to promote Madeira as a digital nomads destination: Digital Nomads Madeira Islands. Starting in 2021, the pilot project will continue until 2024, but already the numbers are an impressive indicator of its success. As of the end of November 2022, the project counts over 14000 registrations from 130 countries and welcomed at least 7500 digital nomads.

The success of the initiative is based on identifying the needs of digital nomads, adapting products and services to their requirements, and in the process involving the community in different sectors. It focuses on five locations on the Madeira Islands so that digital nomads can choose where they would like to stay, depending on their lifestyle. The shining star of the pilot project is a Digital Nomad Village at Ponta do Sol, where they aim to blend digital nomads with the local businesses and Ponta do Sol inhabitants, turning it into a community of people that will have a strong positive impact on Madeira, both socially and economically. The connections that form between people from different countries and cultures, but also with the local population of the island, will have an everlasting effect. Then there is the financial impact of the initiative, which cannot be overlooked. Per average, the project welcomes 1000 people per month, which means 1,5 million euros per month. Once again, the numbers prove the value of the project for the Madeira islands.

There are digital nomads who choose to be in the city where they have access to all kinds of services and social life. However, there are many of them (mostly the younger ones) who, on the other hand, prefer to be in an area surrounded by nature where they have the tranquillity to work with no distractions.
Micaela Vieira Project manager at the Startup Madeira


  • Since February 2021, the islands hosted 8500 digital nomads;
  • More than 15 600 registrations from 136 countries;
  • 5 locations on Madeira and Porto Santo islands.


  • Regional Government of Madeira