Gomarduli Dao Space – Coliving and Coworking in Georgia Drejc Kokošar January 4, 2023

Gomarduli Dao Space – Coliving and Coworking in Georgia

Gomarduli Dao Space is a retreat, educational centre, international coliving and coworking located among the picturesque mountains of Gomarduli, Western Georgia. Founded by Ukrainian Yevhen Vovk, it’s an international community and a meeting point for people from the entire world.

Yeven’s deep relationship with Gomarduli began when he organised an international festival of contact improvisation there. After the festival, the owners of the place offered him to run the retreat. Sensing the potential and wanting to fulfil his long-time dream of creating a space to connect with ourselves and others, Yeven began to bring to life an idea of Gomarduli as an ark. Being 60 km from the sea and the closest city, the area has always been a safe place to live through turbulent times. Over the years, it has proven itself as a place of refuge for people in times of pandemics, wars and world turbulence.

Today people come to Gomarduli Dao Space to connect with themselves, to be present, and to meet people close in spirit. The isolation provides a profound silence, the water is pure, and the air is fresh. Here, people can experience an alternative way of life. They begin gravitating towards living in nature, working online, and finding a better work-life balance. Staying in wooden rooms, eating healthy food, enjoying a sauna, meditating, practising yoga and tai chi, participating in tea ceremonies, and experiencing contact improvisation and bodywork are all things that improve your stay in Gomarduli. The connection to the whole environment continues with locals as well.

People come to a retreat driven by curiosity or the desire to rest. As they learn new practices, their identity changes, they become more sensitive, and the physical sense of reality and the environment becomes an important guide and a decision-making factor.
Yevhen Vovk CEO and Founder


  • Creating jobs for locals at the retreat, buying natural food from the village
  • Providing free treatments for seniors and education for children
  • Hosting events like Silent or Tai Chi Retreats, lessons in contact improvisation and yoga, etc.


  • private funding (from hotel and retreat centre, activities, projects),

  • looking to expand by applying for grants and soliciting donations from individuals

Cover photo: Nikolai Schirmer