Burgas Coliving – a Community on the Black Sea Coast Drejc Kokošar January 20, 2023

Burgas Coliving – a Community on the Black Sea Coast

“Burgas Coliving & Coworking” is a small family project that has been actively working since June 2022. It is located in the village of Vetren, 15 km from the beautiful city of Burgas on the Black Sea. The area is one of the oldest Bulgarian spa resorts with natural hot mineral healing water, dating back more than 2500 years ago, 

The founders are Tony Penchev and Katya Dimitrova. Tony is a craft beer producer, so fresh beer and good wine at Burgas coliving are guaranteed. Katya is an urbanist and hobby cook, interested in yoga, spirituality and mental health. Both love physical activities, travel, good food and drinks. Their idea for creating this place arose in 2019. They were inspired by several existing co-living spaces around the world and the opportunity they saw to meet and spend their free time with people from all over the world. So, they decided to invite the world to them. 

“Burgas Coliving & Coworking” offers all the necessary amenities for a long-term stay of digital nomads in the countryside – 13 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, coworking spaces with high-speed internet and perfect equipment, and a private chat room. The place also offers a communal kitchen, a huge dining room and living room, a yoga and gymnastics room, as well as a solitude and meditation room. There is also a small winery where tastings of Bulgarian wines and products are organized. 

Local artists and arts organizations have supported Burgas Coliving & Coworking since its inception, donating a large number of paintings and art installations. They also participate in collaborative events where digital nomads and local artists draw and create together. 

Digital nomads also have plenty of opportunities to make the most of their free time outdoors. There is a large yard with a separate relaxation area, hammocks and garden furniture, outdoor fireplace, barbecue, yoga area, table tennis, basketball hoop, and petanque court. And just a few meters from the coliving space, there is a pool with mineral water and a spa center.  

The BC&C team enjoys strong support from both local residents and the local government. They collaborate with them in organizing events that connect digital nomads and the local population, showcasing the area but also the lives of people travelling and working remotely. 

Inspirational, isn’t it?  

“In Bulgaria, living in co-living is not yet a popular thing and I often have to explain it... and I still can't find the right words to describe this unique experience. Coliving life, especially rural coliving, is something like umami in cooking - many ingredients, colour, many different sensations, taste, aftertaste, emotions, passion, laughter, tears, work, fun, relaxation... and all this - in perfect balance.”
Katya Dimitrova Founder of Burgas Coliving&Coworking in Bulgaria


  • Many young people help as volunteers in most of the activities; several working positions are occupied by young and entreprising local people
  • Revitalization of the area and popularisation of the Burgas mineral baths as an international tourist destination
  • The overall telecommuting infrastructure in the town has improved significantly


  • Personal funds