3-DAY TRAINING ACTIVITY: Help us to revitalize European Countryside! Drejc Kokošar February 16, 2023

3-DAY TRAINING ACTIVITY: Help us to revitalize European Countryside!

Do you work in the countryside? Are you interested in new approaches in youth work/tourism and feel the effects of outmigration of young people? Join the 3-day activity on the island of Iž of Croatia, as a part of the Erasmus+ project Nomadland!

There are already 35 million digital nomads worldwide as of 2022. And all of them are searching for inspiring locations. Already before the COVID pandemic, many digital nomads searched for places outside big cities, returning to their roots, to the green and flourishing countryside! Right now, digital nomads and places like colivings are one of the biggest worldwide trends in tourism! Many are growing throughout the European Countryside, mainly supporting young digital nomads in finding their way (back) to the countryside. And we believe that this is a chance for youth work – to bring something new to the rural areas, facing an outmigration of young people!  


  • Learn who are digital nomads, discover their stories, immerse yourself into their lives
  • Discover about colivings and coworkings in the European Countryside 
  • Support and work on the strategy for bringing digital nomads to YOUR PLACE
  • Give feedback on the first guide for establishing the philosophy of digital nomadism in the countryside
  • Share your experience in youth work or tourism
  • Connect to new partners from Spain, Croatia, Germany or Slovenia
  • Prepare new European Projects and build a new future for the countryside! 


  • You come from Germany, Spain, Slovenia or Croatia
  • Active in youth work (youth centre, hostel, NGO, touristic facility or any other out-of-the-box solutions)
  • Understand the challenges of the countryside
  • Creative, innovative
  • Searching for new European partnerships

We will choose 5 participants from each country (Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany) based on the criteria above. 


The training activity will be from 16th to 18th May 2023 on the Island Iž of the archipelago of Zadar, Croatia. As the location is quite remote, we will have 2 travelling days – on the 15th and 19th of May.  We will cover the costs for your travel, accommodation and catering during the activities.


You should expect participants from 4 countries (Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Spain) who have similar interests to you and understand the challenges of the countryside. There will be workshops and activities where you will learn more about digital nomads, the first guide for attracting digital nomads and establishing good practices. We will talk about new partnerships, new connections and talk about out-of-the-box solutions! 

During the activity, you will learn more about the digital nomads and explore new ways for attracting digital nomads in the countryside. Photo: archive of the Rec.On Project


The training activity is part of the project Nomadland (Erasmus+ KA2). Within the project, we want to show that the countryside is a perfect destination for digital nomads – through stories, a blog, a unique guide and a magazine!

The rural areas in Europe face the outmigration of young people and ageing of the population, leading to stagnation in regional development, social polarization, impoverishment, underutilised public infrastructure and a negative image of these areas. At the same time, due to the digitalisation of jobs and the emergence of new industries (digital content creation, digital marketing, online sales etc.), a different trend began – an increase in remote work, which became significant during the COVID-19 epidemic.  

We believe that digital nomads are the new future for the European countryside! And this is why we are working on the Nomadland project! We believe that the European countryside is a perfect destination for digital nomads! 

PARTNERS of the project Nomadland: ID20 (Slovenia), Udruga Prizma (Croatia), ATPERSON (Spain), INI-Novation (Germany) 


In case you have other activities in the time of the training activity, follow our project and share the word:  

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For more information about the training course, please download the infopack.