Odyssey: It’s quite and peaceful here, good for the soul Drejc Kokošar June 21, 2023

Odyssey: It’s quite and peaceful here, good for the soul

Odyssey has already collaborated with the Prizma association by helping in the kitchen during a few mobilities. Therefore, it was easy to contact him, and he immediately agreed to be interviewed. The meeting was agreed on the sports ground of the Veli Iž village. It is a simple sports ground but is regularly frequented by the local youth.

Odyssey is very young, and like any young man, he is full of dreams that I hope he can achieve. He arrives for the interview prepared, with a soccer ball in his hands and professional soccer shoes; elements that already make his biggest passion clear.

Author: Luana Matosevic

Odyssey, present yourself shortly: what’s your age, and origins, what is your current job on the island?

My name is Odyssey. I am 23 years old and moved to Veli Iž in March 2022. Before, I lived near the city of Đakovo, in a village called Potnjani. I am a cook, working in a restaurant as a sous-chef for the high season. In the kitchen, I am mainly responsible for the grill.

Why do you like to live on the island?

I like to live here because it is peaceful and quiet, which is good for the soul.

What kind of activities are you usually doing here on the island in your free time?

My main hobby is football, but I also like to play basketball or tennis with my friends. Sometimes I also go hiking on the top of the island, or just walk from village to village to keep me active. But above all, I like football… If I were a professional football player, I would either like to play on the wing or be an attacker, like Messi or Suarez.

At this point, I need to ask you: what is your favourite football team and player?

My favourite football team has been Barcelona since I was a kid, they play attractive football in my opinion. My favourite player is Lionel Andrés Messi!

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to visit several places, as well as other continents. My travel list includes South and North America, but also many places in Europe and Asia. I would like to see many places because I don’t see myself living in Croatia my entire life. For this reason, I would also like to travel to have an idea of where I would like to go live in the future. Having this name, I am, perhaps, destined to make adventurous journeys.

What activities would you recommend to someone who comes here?

I’d recommend hiking to the highest point of the island, the peak of Korinjak, or walking to a cave in Mali Iž. I also recommend visiting the farm Barbinje, where you can see how many different herbs can grow on the island. There are also animals, such as chickens, donkeys, goats and cats. It is a hidden pearl… This island is small and kind of wild, but there are many places to see.

What is your best memory of your period living here?

My best memory happened recently, with some new friends I made during a training course. We woke up early in the morning and walked until Mali Iž, where we admired the sunrise. It was a simple but special moment; we also recorded a video as a memory. 

Have you ever considered organising a local football contest in Veli Iž?

Once we tried to organise a football contest Mali Iž against Veli Iž, but since it’s a small island, we couldn’t find enough people to play. Most people are too old or lazy to play intensive sports.

In winter, young people go to the mainland, while in the summer, most people are working, like me, and we don’t have time to play.