Linda: A Journey in the Heart of Odenwald Drejc Kokošar October 12, 2023

Linda: A Journey in the Heart of Odenwald

In 2014, Dr. Linda Frey embarked on a transformative journey to Mühltal in the heart of the Odenwald region. As a devoted theoretical mathematician, her days are dedicated to the world of university research and teaching.

Author: Angela Ivanova

During her leisure hours, Linda finds solace in the rhythmic cadence of biking and the invigorating rhythm of jogging through the scenic Odenwald landscapes. Her most cherished moments, however, are spent in the company of children, exploring the woods, or embarking on adventures to the legendary Frankenstein Castle. This harmonious blend of nature and youthful exuberance inspired her to establish the enchanting forest kindergarten in Mittelbachtal back in 2016.

For Linda, Mühltal is more than just a place to reside – it’s a sanctuary where she feels “totally in the countryside and yet at the center of the world.” Her seamless weekly commutes to Basel and monthly journeys to Copenhagen are a testament to the convenient accessibility facilitated by the Odenwaldbahn to Frankfurt, each trip taking a mere four hours.

One of Linda’s treasured spots is the local swimming pool, offering a picturesque panorama of forests, meadows, and agile goats perched upon a mound of stones. It’s a scene straight out of a holiday postcard. “Our forests are, and fortunately still are, incredibly beautiful, with wooded areas accessible from practically every corner,” she exclaims in an interview.

For Linda, the idea of dwelling elsewhere is simply unimaginable. As the political leader of the local Green Party, she advocates for essential amenities, stating, “As I age, having efficient and reliable public transportation at my doorstep is non-negotiable – a pivotal factor in choosing my future abode.”

To all those venturing into Odenwald and Mühltal, Linda extends a wholehearted invitation to explore the region by bike, indulge in leisurely strolls, relish the flavors of local cuisine, marvel at the captivating castles, and lose yourself in the tranquil embrace of the forest. Your experience is bound to be nothing short of unforgettable!