Iván: Art definitely makes an impact on Cuenca and its citizens Drejc Kokošar October 13, 2023

Iván: Art definitely makes an impact on Cuenca and its citizens

Iván Martínez has just finished his studies in Fine Arts. He is also interested in the comic industry, having already created some. He is waiting for us in his favourite spot in Cuenca on a warm summer afternoon. 

Author: Elena Gascón

Nice to meet you, Ivan. Tell us about yourself.

Hello, I am Iván! I have studied Fine Arts in Cuenca and a vocational training course in comic creation. I am 21 years old. I earn my living making comics and I am a professional artist, specialising in drawing.

What future prospects do young people in Cuenca have?

More and more young people come to study here. Thanks to professional VET schools, Fine Arts faculty and the university campus, a wider variety of festivals, drawing competitions, and art exhibitions have arisen in Cuenca. I have helped many fellow artists to set up their exhibitions. I have also actively collaborated with other colleagues. Art definitely makes a greater impact on Cuenca and its citizens.

Why is Cuenca attractive to you?

Undoubtedly, Cuenca’s best asset is peacefulness. I do not only mean the lack of noise, but also the serenity found in nature as well. You have endless delightful forests and mountains within reach.

If you are upset or feeling down, nature is there to nurture you. You will find a lot of green areas in the city and trees every few steps. Cuenca is a very convenient and charming city!

Why is Cuenca a good place to work?

Cuenca is the perfect place to work from anywhere. You can work in the mountains, among the trees, by the river…How is this possible? Let’s see an example, you can take photos and upload them on social media anytime if you bring your personal laptop and share your smartphone data effortlessly.

For me, It is a privilege to work in a completely natural space framed by lush nature. I also believe that Cuenca is a super convenient city to live and work in. You needn’t drive a car at all if you do not want to. You may walk or use clean public transport instead.

Actually, one of Cuenca’s best assets, for me, is the fact that you can go anywhere on foot.

Therefore, Cuenca is environmentally friendly with very low pollution levels. These are fundamental factors to work and settle down in Cuenca and to enjoy a high quality of life.

Does Cuenca offer you opportunities to work?

In order to work in Cuenca, especially as a community manager like me, I need a reliable high-speed Internet connection, a laptop and a mobile phone and Cuenca has them all! Thus, all the necessary and best tools are readily available in Cuenca without a problem.