Nace: A Musical Journey in Idrija Drejc Kokošar November 14, 2023

Nace: A Musical Journey in Idrija


Nace Kogej, a talented saxophonist and a proud member of the Police Wind Band, calls the charming town of Idrija home. Nestled amidst lush forests, pristine air, the inviting Bela swimming resort, and the serene Idrijca River, Idrija is a haven for those who appreciate nature’s beauty. Yet, for Nace, the true heartbeat of Idrija lies in its rich musical traditions.

Author: Drejc Kokošar

Nace’s musical journey began at the age of 11 when he joined this historic Wind Orchestra Idrija. Idrija, for him, is not just a town; it represents memories, friendships, and artistic inspiration.

Reflecting on his teenage years, Nace fondly recalls the formation of the band Šundr. Influenced by punk legends Kuzle and Šund, the band marked one of Nace’s early forays into the world of music. It was in Idrija that Šundr had some of its first performances, leaving a mark on Nace’s musical career.

In 2017, Nace breathed new life into the Idrija Big Band Orchestra, followed by the establishment of the Idrija Saxophone Quartet a year later. These musical ventures, though occasional, serve as creative outlets for Nace and his fellow musicians.

For those visiting Idrija as tourists, Nace has the perfect itinerary. A local football or basketball match provides a glimpse into the town’s sporting spirit, followed by a traditional Idrija Žlikrofi lunch, a culinary delight unique to the region. In the summer, a visit to the Bela Swimming Resort and an evening at one of the local bars offer a taste of the town’s vibrant social scene.

Nace, a sociable individual, cherishes the sense of community in Idrija. The collaborative spirit is evident in the collective efforts to organize events and musical concerts. The town, for him, is not just a backdrop but an active participant in the ongoing symphony of his life.

In Idrija, where the past and present harmonize seamlessly, Nace Kogej continues to play his saxophone, adding another layer to the town’s enduring musical legacy.