Jorge and Mariluz: You have everything you need here Drejc Kokošar November 21, 2023

Jorge and Mariluz: You have everything you need here

Jorge Paton and Mariluz Oviedo, both 23 and coming from Cuenca, share their insights about the stress-free living, nature retreats, and welcoming locals in Cuenca. They value Cuenca’s unexplored potential and its blend of tranquility and cultural charm.

Author: Elena Gascón

Good morning! Please, tell us about yourselves.

 Mariluz: Hello! I am Mariluz and I am 23 years old.

Jorge: Hi! My name is Jorge. I am 23 years old too!

Mariluz: We are studying Audiovisual Communication and Media here in Cuenca.

Jorge: We decided to study our degree in Cuenca – We are in our last academic year – because this city offers great opportunities for young people to enter the labour market, which is very important!

Mariluz: Furthermore, we would also like to set up our own film production company here.

What can you learn in Cuenca?

Jorge: In Cuenca, you learn how to live well, how to thrive. You live without stress, connected to nature, and you can enjoy art and other intangible heritage in this city.

What is life in Cuenca like?

Mariluz: You have everything you need here. To be honest, you have wonderful walking routes in the mountains or along the rivers. You can also enjoy the old part of the city, which is very beautiful. In Cuenca, you will find anything you can imagine!

Tell us any experiences you have had with local people

Jorge: Local people are really warm and welcoming. The moment they realise that you are not originally from here, they are usually very sociable and friendly. Those are characteristic features of Cuenca citizens.

Mariluz: We have had to record a lot of videos and we have never had any problems to find interviewees. They are always ready to lend a hand. What is remarkable for us is their friendliness and hepfulness.

What would you miss if you had to leave Cuenca?

Jorge: What I would miss is the silence and peacefulness that I find here. If you go for a walk along the river, there is not much traffic, unlike in other cities. I believe this improves your health and well-being. Anywhere you go, both in nature or in the bustling centre, local people will make you feel at home from the very first moment you set a foot in Cuenca.