Maruša: the Advantage of Idrija Is That Everything Is Very Close By Drejc Kokošar November 22, 2023

Maruša: the Advantage of Idrija Is That Everything Is Very Close By

Maruša Mlakar loves Idrija. In addition to studying in Koper, she also participates in the Dramatic Society of Idrija. A few years ago, she had a main role in the play about the life of Napoleon’s lover from Idrija. We discussed her fondness for Idrija, why she would like to stay here and where she prefers to take visitors.

Author: Drejc Kokošar

Maruša, can you briefly introduce yourself?

I am Maruša Mlakar. I come from Idrija and study social pedagogy. In my free time, I like hiking and hanging out with my friends.

How would you describe Idrija?

Idrija is one small town that is a bit far from everything, but I think we have everything we need here. At least I have everything – especially nature and silence, which are important to me.

Where would you take visitors in Idrija or the surrounding area?

I would take visitors to the church of St. Anthony; we would go then to the surrounding hills, where there is a very nice view, and swim in the river. I would also take them to the former mercury smelter, which I find very interesting as it is very modern. And after this, water channel Rake, where there is an excellent path for walking and talking.

Why did you choose the church of St. Anthony?

I chose this location mainly because of the beautiful view, silence, and peace. It is a little far from the very centre of Idrija, so it is really lovely.

Do you think getting used to life in Idrija is difficult if you come from a big city?

If someone moves from a bigger city to Idrija, the leap is undoubtedly difficult, but you have everything you need here. Everyone gets used to it after a few weeks or months, mainly because of Idrija’s other advantages as a small town.

What do you think are the biggest advantages of Idrija?

The advantage of Idrija is that everything is very close-by. You can go everywhere on foot. One of the advantages is that people know each other. You feel welcomed, and you can meet people everywhere, also outdoors. You can be in nature all the time. The town is close to the capital, Ljubljana, the sea, and the surrounding hills.

Do you see yourself in Idrija in the future?

Yes, I see myself in Idrija in the future. However, I don’t know where the path will take me. Peace, nature, friends and family mean a lot to me. So, I see myself here in the future.