A quick survey for digital nomads

Your contribution would help in establishing new digital nomads facilities!
A quick survey for digital nomads Drejc Kokošar December 1, 2022
We would be glad if you could help us develop a useful project for the digital nomads! We’re partners from 4 countries (Croatia, Germany, Slovenia and Spain) who want to explore the possibilities of attracting digital nomads to the European countryside! To find out how and convince local stakeholders (e. g. mayor, providers etc.), we are happy to read your answers about:   
  • your views on the (co)living in the countryside,
  • the most important things for a digital nomads in rural areas among
  • other relevant information about YOU!
Could you help us? 🙂  The survey will take about 15 minutes, but the good thing is that it’s directly connected to your way of living – the digital nomads’ lifestyle! The results will be published in a special magazine at the beginning of spring 2023, where you can also read other interesting interviews with enthusiastic digital nomads.  
This survey is part of the European project Nomadland: digital nomads – a new opportunity for the European rural areas. 
Thank you for your contribution! 
Elena, Rocío, Luana, Silvestar, Angela, Wolfgang, Drejc & Matevž