Explore Digitally the Countryside in 7 Different Ways Drejc Kokošar July 21, 2022

Explore Digitally the Countryside in 7 Different Ways

Author: Drejc Kokošar

Coming to the countryside from the urban areas might be seen as  it as dull and monotonous. But it is far from it. You just need to see it from a different angle. If you don’t find any ideas about what to do in your free time, when you’re not sitting at the computer, this is a list for you! We’ve prepared a list of 7 different ways how digital tools can help you exploring the true charms of the countryside – its cultural and natural heritage, discovering its hidden spots and approaching the local community!

1. Be sportive in nature

We mostly associate the countryside to being close to nature. You can enjoy many trails and roads that lead through the woods, fields and small villages. Would you like to do different sports activities but are afraid that you might get lost? Use the digital apps and plan your hiking, cycling or any other similar activity with suggestions by the (local) community! There are many accessible apps like Alltrails (Android/iOS), Komoot (Android/iOS) or Outdoor active (Android/iOS) that help you plan your trip! If you want to compete with local champions, you can use Strava (Android/iOS), a perfect app for tracking your activities and comparing them with others!

2. ‘Cause you’re a sky full of stars …

There’s one thing that’s impossible to see in any bigger city. A night sky! Just imagine coming from the urban areas and suddenly seeing the full array of stars above you, waiting for you to relieve romantic moments under it! If you want/need some help in recognizing specific stars and constellations, we recommend the app SkyView (Android/iOS)!


You can use your mobile phone to find out more about your favourite plant. Photo: pexels.com

3. Roses are red, violets are blue

Are you interested to know what kind of trees, and bushes grow around you? Or do you want to find out more about the beautiful flowers in the nearby meadow? Use the app PictureThis – Plant Identifier (Android/iOS) which also helps you take care of flowers at your home!

4. Become Indiana Jones

Who doesn’t want to go on an adventure to find a hidden treasure? By using the Geocaching app (Android/iOS), you can seek special containers, called geocaches, and learn many things about the area around you. As these geocaches are normally placed by enthusiasts in the local community, they will help you discover rich cultural and natural heritage, not listed in the guide books!


The countryside is very nice for exploring around and finding new places. Photo: pexels.com

5. Stay with local family and work

Would you like to move to the countryside as a digital nomad but don’t have yet enough work to do? Or do you need some change from constant staring at the computer screen? Search for a the temporary work in the local youth centre, a hostel or on a local organic farm. Browse through platforms like helpx.net, worldpackers.com, WWOOFing and Workaway.info. In exchange for free accommodation and food, you will meet local people and other similar people from around the world!

6. Learn the language

Learning the local language might be quite an obvious item on your checklist when coming to your new country, especially when you move into the countryside. You can use the most popular apps like Duolingo (Android/iOS), Memrise (Android/iOS) – suitable for learning basic phrases, or spend some euros for more professional learning on Babbel (Android/iOS).


You can also find apps which tell you how to light a fire. Photo: pexels.com

7. Survive in nature

Do you feel that you want to test your abilities with a few days of trekking in the local area? Download the app Last Survivors – Survival App (Android/iOS), which gives you the basic information about navigation techniques, camp crafting, or surviving emergency situations. The best thing? It’s possible to access it offline in case you’re left without any mobile signal!

We hope that these apps will support in you finding countryside interesting and will prepare you for new adventures! Of course, don’t forget, it’s always better if you do these activities in the company! Believe us, it’s not hard to lose track of the time in the countryside!