What Are the Advantages of Living in the Countryside? Drejc Kokošar July 22, 2022

What Are the Advantages of Living in the Countryside?

Author: Angela Ivanova

In recent years, many people have considered moving to the countryside as they are not tied to the office and telecommuting has become more common. I did this a long time ago. As a person who was born and grew up in a big city and is aware of all its advantages, I can say that life in the village can become a real idyll. When I moved to live in a rural area, I felt that a new world was unfolding before me in all its beauty. An increase in the quality of life is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits you get when you leave the big city and replace it with country life. Small settlements in nature have cleaner air, a quieter life, and even the people are more polite and well-intentioned.

Here are eight benefits of living in the countryside that may help you decide if you should take the plunge too:

1. Close to nature

Life in the countryside puts you closer to nature and away from the noise and bustle of the city. Imagine waking up in the morning, not to street noise, but instead – fresh air is coming in through the open window and you hear the chirping of birds. A big smile is coming to your face before you open your eyes. During the day you can walk in nature, among sparkling green fields and cool forests. And it’s so easy – you just leave your house and you’re there. Most of the villages are located among beautiful and lush nature. Some are surrounded by mountains and waterfalls; others look out on beautiful lakes surrounded by endless multi-coloured fields. Spending more time in nature not only improves physical health but also energizes mental health.

Nature is full of beautiful spots. Photo: Nomadland archive

2. Cleaner air

As you move away from the big cities, you enter rural areas that have cleaner air. You feel it immediately. You want to breathe deeply and instinctively close your eyes to enjoy the feeling as if you are breathing for the first time in your life. The country life is devoid of any toxic pollutants, traffic or smog, which is extremely beneficial for people’s health.

3. Peace and quiet

For people who appreciate peace and need more quiet space, the countryside can be the perfect place. The countryside is led populated, city ​​traffic and crowds of people are absent, and resulting in a quiet environment. You will enjoy one of the best benefits of country living: peace and quiet.

4. Greater opportunities for physical activity

Most people who live in rural areas can successfully indulge in more sports and exercise. Mountain biking or morning jogging along the river, Nordic walking in the forest or long yoga sessions in your private garden can become your daily routine. And you don’t have to spend time on transportation and getting to a gym or fitness centre full of people. All the opportunity of nature is just around you.

Countryside offers many different physical activities in nature. Photo: Nomadland archive

5. Forget about depression and stress!

The main problem of modern people is stress, and people living in big cities with a very intensive lifestyle are much more exposed to it. Anxiety, depression and other negative emotions are unlocked, which can be avoided or greatly reduced if you live in the countryside.

6. Lots of space – inside and out

There is plenty of space in rural areas, unlike in big cities where space is a luxury. More space inside your home and outside is one of the main reasons why people like to live in the country. If you are planning to build an art studio or yoga studio, you have plenty of space to plan them. If you wish to build your own Zen Garden full of flowers, trees and small waterfalls, you are free to do so. You can also choose a place with a direct view of mountain peaks or picturesque landscapes depending on which rural area you choose to live in. You cannot achieve all this in a cramped apartment or а house in the big city.

7. Cheaper living costs

The overall cost of living in a village is usually lower. This includes rents, property prices, and retail prices for various goods, including being able to grow your own produce in your own garden to cook with. The prices of the various services such as hairdressers, technicians, etc. are usually much lower as well.

8. Stay healthy!

All of the above benefits have a profound effect on your physical and mental health. Fresh air makes you want to move more. The large spaces around you provide you with the perfect conditions for this. And movement is health, we all know that. Village people are close-knit, you can rely on a neighbour or friend for help when needed. At the same time, if you need privacy, no one will stop you from getting it – the village people respect that. A slower pace of life relaxes your nervous system, makes you calmer and more patient, and you can focus on different tasks with ease. You become a happy, healthy and efficient person.