What is Coworking?  Drejc Kokošar October 17, 2022

What is Coworking? 

Author: Elena Gascón

Everyone wants to be happy at work.  Nevertheless, today, we are facing an unprecedented socioeconomic, environmental and cultural crisis. Despite having so many generational challenges ahead, coworking may be one of the keys to the bright future we all aspire to. 

Coworking is much more than a neutral space. We hastily tend to think of a shared office environment for independent workers who are using basic business infrastructure. This vision is very limited. Here is why:  

To begin with, one of the distinctive aspects of coworking is flexibility. Did you know that coworking spaces are open every day of the week? Moreover, coworkers can often decide when they work, when they take breaks or when they choose to stay in longer to meet a deadline after a long working day. Likewise, they have the freedom to stay home, if need be, for health issues (for themselves or to take care of others) or to meet a repair person. Flexitime allows you to have a very rewarding work-life balance.  

Plenty of additional activities 

Another essential feature that they offer is leisure-time facilities. Not only have coworking spaces been designed to be comfortable, functional and trendy but also to offer some extra amenities for rest breaks. They comprise a kitchen or free snacks and drinks. Every workplace has its own particular charm: some have sofas, pouffes, a TV screen, and quiet library corners for bookworms. Others can even display ping-pong or fussball tables or even an indoor climbing wall. If you do not wish to stay indoors for your breaks, as you are living in the countryside, you can always step outside and commune with nature. Walking through forests or by the river can improve your mood and reduce your stress levels. Not only will you be leading an active lifestyle, but you will also feel more confident and relaxed to resume your duties back at the coworking space.

Networking and working on  countryside initiatives 

Furthermore, coworking spaces encourage social interaction. It is a great opportunity to present your projects to your coworkers in show-and-tell sessions or to build extensive networks. The various professionals from different sectors can give you feedback, share ideas in collaborative tables, exchange information or increase your prospects of promotion via their digital channels, social networks and word of mouth. Meeting countless new people so frequently means you will get to know about local projects or rural-urban initiatives. Moreover, coworking places are hubs for innovation and discipline. You choose where to sit anytime, which can boost your creativity, either by talking to other people or by staying in a separate insulated cabin where you will have no distractions, no mobile phone notifications and the noise out of reach.  

Other facets to take into account are job satisfaction and an optimised sense of community at work. People using coworking spaces see their work as meaningful. As these professionals have various projects, ventures and belong to different companies, the idea of competition and stress disappears. As they dedicate their whole selves to work and describe frequently what they do for a living, they feel the admiration from their colleagues. Everyone knows they will always find the support from other coworkers in this mutual space to help each other out. On top of that, some coworking spaces offer before or after work activities like Monday Breakfast, happy hours on Fridays or sports in the evening.  

Energetic community 

The coworking community are energetic, future-driven and engaged workers who are part of a common bottom-up boundaryless social movement.  They share motivations, they are open-minded and, what is more, they are engaged with sustainability goals. In this regard, in coworking spaces property, Internet, energy, cleaning costs are shared.  

On the whole, all humans have an intrinsic desire to feel connected to others. Coworking provides you with a thriving community with their arms open to welcome you and support. Thus, coworking prevents occupational burnout and depression since you are valued by your peers at work and your contributions have a real impact in your sector and in the lives of your colleagues. 

In  short:  

  • Coworking provides you with freedom of time, freedom of space and freedom of spirit. 
  • Coworking is inclusive: all founders, employees, freelancers, foreign entrepreneurs, leading women, people with special needs can access to coworking places 24/7! 
  • Coworking means increased happiness preventing the feeling of isolation, occupational burnout or depression.