Anceu Coliving – a Restored Farm in Spain Drejc Kokošar October 17, 2022

Anceu Coliving – a Restored Farm in Spain

Anceu is a rural coliving and coworking in a restored farmhouse in Spain. Agustín Jamardo, a founder of the space and a nomadic software engineer, opened it in 2020  after an inspiring trip to Latin America. The region of Galicia is facing depopulation and outmigration, similar to the rest of the European countryside. The Anceu Coliving provides the direct answer on how to attract young people to the countryside.

As Anceu Coliving is located in a remote area, it’s focused on sustainability, a deep connection with nature and a strong community. With 10 rooms for a total of 23 colivers, they want to create a positive impact in the local community by fostering projects developed by the guests in the coliving. A big focus of their activities is working with the local community, where colivers from different parts of the world develop activities around Galicia. The Anceu Coliving has much space for flexible indoor and outdoor coworking and a strong internet connection.

Organising Rural Hackers, the Anceu Coliving provide a disruptive school in the Galicia countryside. It forms a free quality education programme with the participation of the other colivers and is aimed at the local community. The projects within the Rural hackers are based on solving real-life problems of the local community.

The Anceu Coliving provides food from local producers and organise activities like game nights, movie nights and daily »family« dinners. Recently, the Anceu coliving, with the participation of guests or colivers, organised a local movie festival, developed a prototype of the water consumption device to measure the water in the village’s houses and painted an old water deposit in the village. Together with some other organisations, they started a project, Circular Actions, where they develop projects for sustainable and regenerative growth.

Nowadays, the Galician rural area is being depopulated for the lack of opportunities, so I thought that a coliving space could be a way to attract people to move to Galicia and create new opportunities for the locals.
Agustín Founder


  • Revitalisation of the village
  • An educational programme (Rural Hackers) and events for the local community, developed by digital nomads 
  • Sustainable and future-orientated technological projects developed by the digital nomads for the local community (e.g. Rural Makers)


  • 100% private funding