Sun & Co. – work smarter and live better Drejc Kokošar March 2, 2023

Sun & Co. – work smarter and live better

The Sun & Co. coliving is located in the charming town of Jávea, with many sandy beaches, turquoise waters and the possibility to do sailing, surfing or scuba-diving at reach.  

This coliving came into existence in 2015, when Edu, the founder, decided to completely refurbish his grandparent’s house and give it a new life so that its walls may hear many new stories. It has a special focus on personal and professional growth, bringing together a diverse group of like-minded remote workers to connect and grow together, each at their pace.

The coworking space provides 3 professional events every week. The topics are varied from personal finance, branding, mental health, public speaking, social issues, marketing, sustainability, etc. There are also community meetings weekly, with a special highlight on Wednesdays with a dinner together. In 2022, they organised over 120 professional events, 240 social events and 19 masterminds!   Sun & Co. also offers board games night, hiking trips, meet-ups for free, or even learning Spanish in 1-1 lessons for a reasonable price at a partner language school. The sense of community is also very important since many locals participate in their activities.

The Sun & Co. Coliving also provides team retreats for corporations. Sun & Co’s latest creation is the community pass, which is perfect for those who want to have the comfort of staying in their own apartment or a villa in Jávea but still have access to the Sun and Co. Community, including new coworking space and community events. The coliving is also a part of the Líwoto project, which unites similar colivings with a special focus on the unique approach to the guests.

Community is built when you give, not expecting anything in return.
Fernando Manzanares Head Host


  • 2 international awards: Best Coliving Community & User Experience in 2021 and the best Coliving for Digital Nomads in 2022 at the Coliving Awards
  • A Sun & Co pop-up event in the Basque country in Spring
  • LIWOTO (a collective community initiative from different high-quality Coliving spaces: Nine, SENDE, Sundesk and Sun&Co)
  • 7 editions of Pechakuxa nights: 6-minute-and-40-seconds talks on innovative and interesting topics


  • Private capital with extra sources of income from members, events and community pass