ZeLLin House – a Restored House for Nomads in Bulgaria Drejc Kokošar October 17, 2022

ZeLLin House – a Restored House for Nomads in Bulgaria

The mission of Nomadic UnityHub project is to bring young people closer to nature by blending urban and rural lifestyles, applying technology and social innovation. ZeLLin House is the starting point of the Nomadic UnityHub project. In 2018, the Nomadic UnityHub team began the work process of restoring the old house and its life in order to reopen as an international coworking and coliving space for digital nomads. 

The founder Tsvetina Petkova and the team created a community around the place and the project. So far, they have connected locals with people coming from different regions of Bulgaria and around the world. In this way, they constantly include people who want to be part of their initiative “revive a house – build a community”, building a network of local communities, entrepreneurs, business accelerators, incubation experience. The team organizes events and workshops, yoga classes, jazz nights around the campfire, entrepreneurial events and many more.

The local residents are also involved. They joined ZeLLin House network and became main collaborators by offering various services and products such as horse riding, painting, balloon jumping, trekking, local food.

The Nomadic UnityHub team not only connects people, but also builds a network of healthy, aware, self-sufficient, connected villages and country houses in Bulgaria. Within the next 10 years, they plan to build a global village where entrepreneurs, digital nomads, startups and locals will live and work together.

I launched the idea-project Nomadic UnityHub driven by my desire to live closer to nature. The model and know-how "old country house = coworking & coliving space" is already built and I realized that it was time to implement this model precisely in the villages and smaller settlements in Bulgaria. Now that ZeLLin House is already a fact, more and more young people saw how it is possible to live outside the big city, in the nature, and most importantly, how to create the environment they want to live in. We have a clear network of local people who offer their services and products in the field of organic agriculture, tourism, construction and support from the local authorities. This is how we all develop the local economy together.
Tsvetina Petkova Founder


  • Local economic effect: a distinct network of local people who offer their services and products in the field of organic farming, tourism, construction and already have financial benefits from attracting and welcoming guests from other places and countries;
  • Over 100 young people from the region participated in various events and initiatives on site;
  • Interest in buying properties around ZeLLin House is growing rapidly;
  • Support from local authorities through work on common projects related to the development of local cultural tourism.
  • In 2023, new jobs are about to be open by ZeLLin House in the field of support and event management – this is how all players develop the local economy together.


  • Family personal funds

  • great support from friends, volunteers and also sponsors who recognized the idea from the start