Cristina – People in the Countryside Are Less Trapped by the Social Media Lifestyle Drejc Kokošar November 10, 2022

Cristina – People in the Countryside Are Less Trapped by the Social Media Lifestyle

Meeting Cristina Colmenero was an interesting experience. She’s a curious traveller who is living her best life and creating her personal story. Her father loves travelling, so since she was a kid, her parents took her brother and her on all their holiday trips.

Five years ago, she travelled to Indonesia. When she was in Bali, she met a few people who called themselves “digital Nomads”. She was so impressed by them that she wanted the same lifestyle for herself! Since then, she has been working in companies that allow her to have this kind of life. She just love it!

Author: Elena Gascón

Where did I catch you?

I am currently living and teleworking in Tarifa. Last July I decided to come to Tarifa for one week, and I am still here. I love this place so much! Last week, I was in London for work reasons as well.

What were the most challenging situations which you had to deal with when living/moving to a rural area as a digital nomad?

There are some challenges you can find when moving to a rural area as a digital nomad, especially if you had lived all your life in big cities. However, the overall balance is positive.

I could say that the first challenge for me would be not having my family close. And another one would be not to have a range of cultural activities like theatre or cinemas nearby. Nevertheless, if you are not too much into it, this factor may not be very important.

On the other hand, I would like to stay in places near the beach so that I can practise my favourite water sports like kitesurfing, wing foil or surfing. I also prefer areas where you have a lot of nature around to enjoy. Wild nature makes you forget about the rest!

How do you find coliving/coworking spaces?

I like to read about people’s experiences and different blogs – search around the Internet. So, when I need to find a place to stay for a longer period of time, I try to look for the best option that both covers my needs and has good price-quality relation.

Would you say young people in the countryside are different from their urban peers? If so, how?

Yes, definitely they are! I would say that, even though they all are connected to digital life, urban people have easier access to this digital world. I do not like to generalise, but I would say that people in the countryside enjoy nature more and feel less trapped by the social media lifestyle, living healthier, more in the present and seizing the day.