Amy – Enjoying Family Life in Spain Drejc Kokošar January 27, 2023

Amy – Enjoying Family Life in Spain

Amy Narewski is a British-German digital nomad who left the north Germany to settle down in a small village near Cuenca, in the rural hinterland of Spain. She works as an administration assistant, as well as teaching foreign languages (German and English) and translating. Recently, she is a happy mum, sharing her nomad lifestyle with her life-partner and their lovely daughter Lua.

Author: Elena Gascón

Why did you decide to live as a digital nomad?

It just happened – life decisions, curiosity and opportunities, open doors – and I decided to go through them. After my degree, this led me to walk the “Camino de Santiago”, and from then on, I went back to Spain, but this time to the South and now the centre. Who knows where the next place will be… 

Did you face any bureaucratic challenges as a digital nomad?

Well, not really, but the Social Security Office here did not really know how to deal with a foreigner working for a client abroad. That seemed complicated initially, but with some friendly smiles and determination, we found a solution. 

Would you say young people can lead a fulfilling life in rural areas?

Absolutely! I believe it is the healthiest and most beautiful place you can live in. But don’t get me wrong: You always need people around. We are social beings! It is all about creating a “real web” between those who share this rural area with you and enjoying the simple things in life. 

What were the hardest obstacles in settling in a country? (Especially when choosing more countryside destinations)

I believe that generally speaking, the hardest is to learn the language and to adapt to the local culture. Some people also find it hard to be the “odd one out” because you do things differently, look different etc. Now that I am thinking of it, the worst situations are when you wish to be close to family or friends in need who are far away and unfortunately, you cannot see them. Even modern media is no substitute, although it helps!

Amy lives as a digital nomad in the village Molinos de Papel

What are the 5 most rewarding situations you had to deal with when living in a rural area as a digital nomad?

  • The everyday view from my window and being surprised by wild goats outside my house.
  • The proximity to beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Visits and comments from family and friends who are in awe when you show them your adopted home. 
  • Delicious veg from my garden/orchard.
  • The smell of autumn leaves and summer rain rather than wet city concrete.

What would you like to do in the future?

I would like to continue enjoying life…How? No idea, depending on what there is to come!