EVOLVE – a Flagship for Digital Nomads in Malta Drejc Kokošar November 10, 2022

EVOLVE – a Flagship for Digital Nomads in Malta

EVOLVE Coliving Malta is an important flagship for digital nomads, just a few kilometres away from La Valetta. Run by Matt and Ola, Evolve Coliving Malta was opened in 2016.

The idea for opening a coliving space emerged a year prior on a trip to Canada and was born purely out of necessity. Matt and Ola ran out of money and options for accommodation in Whistler, a famous snowboarding mountain. With crazy expensive accommodation in the area, they risked it all and started to re-rent a large property for other travellers. Back then, it wasn’t called coliving, but they instantly fell in love with the concept of what we now know as Evolve Coliving.

They started with their own funding, experience and a lot of personal effort, and they ended up with the best premises for coworking and coliving on the sunny island of Malta. Apart from the warmth of the Mediterranean climate and the possibility of going on catamaran tours, Evolve coliving aims to connect digital nomads with the locals to learn from these exchanges to share a bonding experience for a lifetime. They work towards helping you to establish deep connections and meaningful relationships in the community, to develop a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through sharing, to build the basis for long-lasting happiness to exchange wisdom and expertise and broaden your perspective.

The programme does have over 5 different accommodation coliving spaces, but the jewel of the crown is the headquarters, also known as «The White House». Their coworking premises are tailored towards digital nomads and remote workers, offering everything from a fun environment to fully equipped office spaces. The common areas include board games, an open fireplace, table tennis, a large garden, a pool, barbeque, a swimming pool, a gym and a rooftop jacuzzi! Apart from this, they organise community escapades in the three islands.

We have attracted several young entrepreneurs to Malta, some tell us they first found Evolve and only then they discovered Malta. This is a huge statement for us, as it shows the power of community and what we are doing and the real and tangible pull it has.
Matt Co-founder


  • #1 coliving/coworking space in Malta.

  • They have set up 5 beautiful homes on the island.

  • Hosted over 1, 000 digital nomads over the past five years.

  • Business advisory to Digital Nomad Meetups.


  • private funding