Remote East Coasters – a Community on Madeira Island Drejc Kokošar December 7, 2022

Remote East Coasters – a Community on Madeira Island

The community, known today as Remote East Coasters started with Dina Freitas, community manager and founder at the coworking space Amparo Machio. Her vision was simple, to spotlight Machico and create a network of locals, digital nomads, travellers, and remote workers who choose Madeira’s East Coast as a home.

Machio is located at the landing point of the Madiera Islands. It still shows glimpses of its rich past, representing the start of the Portuguese era of discoveries. However, nowadays it’s getting recognised increasingly as a surfer’s paradise, welcoming travellers from all over the world. Machio used to attract the typical groups of retired travellers, says Dina, but all of that has changed since the idea for a Digital Nomad Village emerged.

When all the talk about digital nomads started, Dina thought to herself, ‘’Why not also in Machico?’’. The town has all the essentials but stands out with its low-key vibe.  Dina wanted to share the beauty of her town but most of all she dreamed of creating an impact on the community. First, she found support from the municipality, helping with a free venue for the workspace, a place for hangouts, workshops and events.

Starting during Covid-19 definitively had its challenges but after the first strict protocols were removed, the community started to thrive. Digital nomads from different parts of the world found a new home on the island, connecting with locals and then the most amazing thing of all happened. Local, Madeiran digital nomads started to show up as well! This was when the magic truly started to happen. Today, local and international digital nomads work together for a good impact, often joining for volunteering actions like beach clean-ups and other ventures that bring the town together.

This project opened up a new and fresh market of visitors. A definite, creative, caring, smart and adventurous younger generation, at least younger at heart.
Dina Freitas Community manager and founder


  • A new and different wave of visitors in Machico.
  • Free workspace at Amparo Machico, accessible for all.
  • Ability to live a car-free life, close to the beach and the mountains.


  • Local authorities and donations.