Arctic Coworking Lodge- an Outdoor Paradise in Norway Drejc Kokošar December 22, 2022

Arctic Coworking Lodge- an Outdoor Paradise in Norway

Arctic Coworking Lodge is a coliving and coworking space located on the beautiful and quite unique arctic islands of Lofoten in Norway. Definitely, it is a true Nordic experience for digital nomads who love to explore and discover new and exciting places. It’s somewhat of an adventure to reach Arctic Coworking Lodge, but once there, digital nomads can enjoy the togetherness of the most awesome community of creative and adventurous individuals. 

The founders of Arctic Coworking Lodge are Rolf Oftedal and Stian Morel, who are young people, friends from school, who love nature, adventure and travel. When they first arrived in Lofoten four years ago, they were amazed by the energy and beauty of the place. Inspired by the nature, they decided to stay in Lofoten and start a business.  

In 2018, Rolf and Stian started building Arctic Coworking Lodge as a comfortable and inspiring environment for digital nomads to live and work – an open living space, kitchen, social coworking area, quiet area with separate desks and monitors, super-fast WiFi, private rooms, etc. Both are absolutely dedicated to the idea of digital nomadism and its values, so they created the Arctic Coworking Lodge as a social space where dreams are shared, adventures are planned and everyone can recharge their research batteries. They also started to cooperate with other coworking places and local people and organisations.   

Arctic Coworking Lodge is located right on the shore of one of Lofoten’s magical lakes, where the high, spectacular mountains merge with the open ocean. This nature allows for all kinds of outdoor activities and new adventure opportunities for digital nomads. The combination of mountain and water allows for various activities, such as hiking, skiing or surfing. For example, fuelled by the spirit of exploration, digital nomads and visitors to the Arctic Coworking Lodge can climb the iconic Himmeltiden peak, nearby or go to Lofoten’s most famous surfing spot called Unstad, which is 5 minutes from the lodge. The turquoise fjords stretch right outside the kitchen window of the Arctic Coworking Lodge, and in the evening, everyone from the community gathers around the fire on the shore. 

A place like Arctic Coworking Lodge brings tourism closer to the locals as a result of long-term stays. As one of our guests said after leaving: "Arctic Coworking Lodge made me feel like a local from day one".
Stian Morel, Co-owner of Arctic Coworking Lodge


  • New energy for the local area, new ideas created with the local community

  • Young people stay for a longer time in the countryside


  • Private funding
Photo: Sylvain Cochard
Author: bourkesteer

Cover photo: Nikolai Schirmer