Coliving.frilingue – Coliving Spaces in the Mountains Drejc Kokošar January 4, 2023

Coliving.frilingue – Coliving Spaces in the Mountains

There are different ways to start a new coliving and coworking space. For example, Philipp Alexander Weber, the co-founder of Coliving.frilingue saw an opportunity to expand their language camp business in Liddes, Switzerland. The camp only operates during the summer, but they wanted to share their amazing spaces all year round. To Philipp, it seemed such a waste to leave the beds empty for the rest of the year, and the results of that are really something!

Today, Coliving.frilingue has three locations in Switzerland in the region of Saint Bernard and another in the mountains of Bansko, Bulgaria. For a totally different type of environment, they also offer a coliving space on the coast of Montenegro. With diverse locations, you can, of course, get different kinds of accommodation and coworking spaces to suit your needs.

Throughout the year they arrange special workations, where they meet up and bring together a bigger crowd (up to 35 people!). During these events, they dedicate themselves to creating a special feeling of togetherness as it is an opportunity to really connect with a group of like-minded people. There’s also a Content Creator Week, formed with the intention of collaborating with nomads and exploring the region with them. All year round, Coliving.frilingue offers positions for community managers in exchange for benefits like free accommodation, food, and a ski pass. There are different volunteer roles, and for all the young talents, you can share your knowledge and passions and arrange different projects for the community. Any skill you have is welcome at the Coliving.frilingue.

It may have started with the intention to take advantage of their excellent premises, but Coliving.frilingue is now a vibrant place meant for you to connect and experience new things. Primarily their aim was to host international nomads however they’re trying to get involved with local Swiss nomads and build the community even further.

Initially, we only organised summer language camps, but during the low season period, we had a lot of free beds and felt that doing something with the digital nomads would be fun and bring us a new wave of energy.
Philipp Alexander Weber co-founder


  • A network of coliving spaces in Switzerland, Bulgaria and Montenegro
  • Offering a range of opportunities to work at the coliving spaces
  • Connecting international and local Swiss digital nomads


  • Mainly private capital with a small amount of state support.

Cover photo: Nikolai Schirmer