Tursi Digital Nomads – Smart Working in Italy Drejc Kokošar January 6, 2023

Tursi Digital Nomads – Smart Working in Italy

Tursi Digital Nomads is a project run by a non-profit association which offers a rural experience in the countryside of Basilicata (Italy).

Two years ago, Salvatore Gulfo decided to do something to dynamize the village of Tursi, with 4000 inhabitants. The project focuses on digital nomads who are searching for a place in the Italian countryside. With support from Kino, they have carried out an initiative which attracted 20 digital nomads in the summer months of 2023, carrying out workshops, meeting young people and experiencing the real Mediterranean lifestyle. For the rest of the year, Tursi Digital Nomad is a rural lab, carrying out social and cultural projects with associations throughout Italy.

Their coworking space is an old monastery with the best views of the valley and the village. As it is located in the historic old centre, digital nomads can find anything they need nearby and enjoy the peace and quietness of the monastery, far from traffic, noise and urban pollution. On top of this strong community bond, they can trek the majestic calanques mountain, discover Pollino national park with its ancient pine trees or bathe in the spectacular Maratea beaches.


If your dream is to live “la dolce vita”, the slow pace of countryside life, long nights under the stars, dinners around a bonfire or learning how to cook handmade pizza, Tursi Digital Nomads is happy to welcome you with a warm smile.

We want digital nomads to experience firsthand living in Italy and seeing their social impact in the community.
Salvatore Gulfo Founder


  • Social, educational workshops between digital nomads and the young local community

  • Revaluating abandoned historical places to host young digital nomads.

  • In the summer of 2022, a community of 20 digital nomads stayed for 2 months.

  • 100% Italian experience


  • Private funding

  • A governmental lease for the coworking premises.

Cover photo: Nikolai Schirmer