KINO – Bringing Remote Work Communities to the Hidden Gems of Italy Drejc Kokošar January 11, 2023

KINO – Bringing Remote Work Communities to the Hidden Gems of Italy

Kino is a project founded by Serena Chironna and Andrea Mammoliti. After years of living in multicultural cities, they decided to bring more diversity to their country by developing remote work communities in Italy’s hidden gems. Although Italy is known as a tourist destination, there was a lack of space for digital nomads and remote workers, especially in the rural villages, facing the outmigration of young people. 

For Serena and Andrea, a strong local community is crucial for the development of their activities. In 2022, they launched 2 pilot projects, starting from the village of Tursi (region of Basilicata) in June, followed by a second one last October, in Santa Fioria, Tuscany. They will expand their activities this year, starting in March, in Ostuni (Apulia region) and continuing with 4 more destinations over the course of 2023.

They focus on community building, not just within the group but also with the local community. During their stay in the village, life in small Italian villages becomes more colourful and youthful. Many activities are organised, including cosy dinners, weekend trips or fitness sessions in the local park. The organisers put much effort into establishing a strong relationship with the local community, which is appreciated by participants who want to return back to the place. Young people in the local community come into contact with other young people around the world, which helps them to recognize their villages as a place for inspiration, not outmigration. 

The local community should be first in mind when thinking about the project. Not everyone will buy into the idea, but you need to have at least some locals who share your vision and co-create the project with you, whether it's the local municipality, an association or a provider of local experiences.
Serena Chironna Co-founder


  • Stimulating the economy of destinations off the beaten path and off season.
  • Creating exchanges between remote workers and the local community.
  • Inspiring young locals to see more opportunities for their villages. 
  • Contributing to social innovation projects and creating networks with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • Private funding